According to the current practice on Internet, INICIATIVA Y REGISTRO OPERATIVO S.L., use “cookies” to allow the use of their website. Information on our cookies policy will be described in the following lines, and in the case that you would like to be more informed on our cookies policy please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at:


A Cookie is a file which is downloaded onto your device (computer, tablet, Smartphone etc) which collects data which can be updated and recovered by the company that is responsible for its installation.

The information gathered through cookies could include the date and time of visits to the Website, the pages viewed, the duration of those views, and the pages visited before and after the current page.


  • Own Cookies: Any cookies managed from a device or domain name owned by INICIATIVA Y REGISTRO OPERATIVO, S.L.
  • Cookies of Third Parties: Any cookies that are not directly managed by INICIATIVA Y REGISTRO OPERATIVO
    S.L., but by an external entity which is responsible for the treatment of the data obtained.

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Depending on the time spent navigating on our website: we use cookies which expire when the user closes the web browser; and cookies that will be stored and accessed latter for informational purposes and treated during a determined period of time designated to the fulfillment of the objective.


Obtaining the objective:


  • Analytic Cookies: allow the behavioral analysis and monitoring of the website users. The information collected through this type of cookie will be used in the measurement of Website activity and for the development of user navigation profiles in order to improve our website depending on the data produced by the users.


  • Technical Cookies: allows the use of different options and services which exist on Website, like data communication, Website traffic control, identifying the session, using security items during the website navigation, store content for use in videos or sound or sharing content on social media.


  • Personalized Cookies: allow the access of the website with some predetermined general characteristics like language or browser used to access to the service.


When visiting our website you accept the installation of all aforementioned cookies onto your device.


It should be noted that the acceptance of cookies is not necessary for the use of the Website. The user may disable the use of cookies by going to cookies settings on their web browser. The majority of browsers notify you on whether to accept or block cookies automatically. If you block them, you will still be entitled to use our website, however some of the website’s services may be limited and therefore the user may have a less satisfactory browsing experience.

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It is possible that we update the terms of the cookies policy of the Website, and because of this we recommend that the user reviews the policy each time they access the website so they are informed on why and how VdL use cookies. The cookies policy was last updated on the 23rd of April 2018.