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Reinitiating is a word with a lot of connotations as, initiating again, can be an exciting challenge.

Today, our colleagues Ana R. Huerta, Yaiza Bascón and Pau Sendra, have been part of the event Creative Morning of November.

With reinitiating as a guiding thread, they have carefully listened the motivational story of Johana Ciro about how to do an unconscious or conscious restart.  

Brands, as an essential part of the business identity, have the capacity to initiate and reinitiate our business from a creative and corporative point of view. A brand is something to believe in and embraces our mission, our vales, our raison d’être, why we exist as an organization.

If a brand started by thinking about going somewhere and we have either lose this direction or collapse it, we can always implement a restart. All in all, a brand constitutes the first step in a business restart. It is the best vehicle to transmit, position and inspire the consumer.

Given that, we work hard every day to protect what you believe in, what you dream, what you want to transmit and is a part of you and your business.

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