III GO Global Congress in Valencia




Industrial Property



Today, our colleagues Andrea Albert, Kristine Mikova and Pau Sendra have participated in the 3ª edition of the GO Global Congress celebrated in Feria Valencia in order to know trends, resources and real experiences for the internationalization of businesses.

The GO Global Congress offers thematic and transversal conferences, sectoral spaces, meetings with a foreign network and commercial contacts with importers.

It is being developed in conjunction with the main exporter associations of Comunidad Valenciana, Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) and Cámara de Valencia. This way, it offers a commercial area where it is possible to arrange meetings with importers or agents of more than 15 countries.

All in all, it is a congress that offers a useful tool for consulting, networking as well as getting information and finding opportunities for the internationalization for the businesses from the Region of Valencia.  

Link to the official webpage: https://www.congresogoglobal.com/es/index


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