The Intellectual Property rights of turrón





Industrial Property

¿What cannot miss in a Christmas’ dinner? ¿Parents in-law? ¿Brother in-law? Much better… turrón

A lot of people don’t know that turrón we will eat this Christmas is protected by IP rights.

Nowadays, there are more than 100 national brands of turrón registered in Spain, being the older Montserrat Fabrica De Turrones and Dulces Llorens y Carbonell, registered in 1927.

Many of you know commercial slogans such as “Vuelve a casa por Navidad”, “1.880… el turrón más caro del mundo” or “Feliz turrón… el Lobo”; which are registered in the Spanish Office of Trademarks (OEPM in its Spanish acronym).

Moreover, there are guarantee seals such as the collective brand Jijona or industrials designs like “Un modelo para distinguir una cajita para el envase del turrón”. In the database of the OEPM we can find several patents related with turrones, their elaboration processes, packaging, machinery and final product.

So, this Christmas, when eating turrón, remember that the Industrial Property Rights are also present in these products that make our holidays sweeter. Cheers!

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