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Today, our colleagues Andrea Albert and Pau Sendra have participated in the VIII Business Forum Spain-United States organized by the Spanish-American Chamber of Commerce.

The main objective of this annual event is to let assistants know the opportunities and challenges that the American market can offer to the Spanish businesses, and more specifically the businesses from the region of Valencia.

The Region of Valencia is the second Spanish region in terms of exports to United States. Nowadays, it counts on 1,229 businesses that have commercial relationships with United States. The most exported products from the Region of Valencia to the United States are motor vehicles, machines and mechanic products, ceramics and footwear.

We have had the chance to learn first-hand testimonials of some multinationals from Valencia, as well as startups, with a presence in United States. They have told us their experience about exporting, including the challenges that they have had to overcome up to their settlement in the American market. Among them, we find the need to adapt their products to the American normative or the need of a local contract. Ultimately, they gave us recommendations and some steps to be followed by those businesses that are planning to start a commercial project in United States.

The forum has also analyzed the new tax reform in United States and how it can affect foreign businesses that commercialize in the country. This way, they have discussed the result of the last elections in United States and the consequences attached.

One of the main points to acknowledge for any business that is interested in the American market is to obtain protection for its brand, patent or design in advance. Thus, if you are planning to expand your business to the American market, VITORIA DE LERMA counts on a network of local partners that can give you professional guidance to obtain protection for your intellectual and industrial property.

Lastly, this forum has provided us with relevant information for our clients to decide whether to expand internationally their industrial and intellectual property to United States, e.g. economic structure, current economic situation and future perspectives, foreign relations, markets and opportunity sectors, most exported and imported products and the new commercial policy of United States.

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