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VITORIA DE LERMA has been invited to the launch of a new reactor prototype developed and patented by BLUEPLASMA POWER for waste recovery and its conversion into gas and electric and heat power.

Nowadays, waste management has turned to be one of the main problems for many manufacturers. On the other hand, it is foreseeable that regulation will become more and more restrictive regarding the management of waste.

The presentation of the reactor was absolutely successful and results expected were indeed achieved.

The technology of BLUEPLASMA POWER has generated interest among the big industries that see it as a way of effectively managing waste and, at the same time, obtaining power (gas, electricity or heat) useful for nearly all companies.

More presentations will be held during October and November so that interested people will have the chance of seeing and testing the performance of the reactor while raising questions to the engineering team of BLUEPLASMA POWER.


Our partner Santiago Soler has spent the day in Villarreal (Castellón) to witness the launching of a new reactor.

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